Female Film Photographers You Should Know: Antonia Messineo

19 April, 2021

Antonia Messineo is a talented film photographer based in the beautiful Italian city of Calabria.

Her work focuses on capturing the everyday life and small details through honest and natural photographs. Each photograph teleports you into a warm and calm world making you appreciate the beauty of all the things that happen in our lives

How would you introduce yourself to someone who just met you?

Hi everybody! My name is Antonia. I live in Reggio Calabria on the very bottom of the Italian boot. I have been always fascinated by arts in general, photography and print artworks are my form of expression.

What is the memory that you most fondly remember from your childhood?

I remember with affection the afternoons spent with my cousins playing and summer Sundays spent at the seaside.

Who were the most influential people during your teens and how did they influence you?

My beloved family, my grandmother and a bunch of school friends.


How did you get in the world of analogue photography?

At the beginning of 2020 I started using the beautiful 35mm SLR Zenit EM which, unfortunately without being aware of it, it was gathering dust in a corner of my house.
Once I had developed and printed all the shots from that first roll, I instantly fell in love with them and since then, I haven’t stopped taking pictures. 

How would you describe the photography you do? What is your work focused on?

My work is mostly focused on capturing the moments of everyday life. In my case, I would not conceive of the idea of planning my photographs in advance because for me the most important thing is precisely to portray the spontaneity of what happens to me in life as it is. 

Even if I wanted to, I don’t think I would have the ability to imitate a scene. I think it would be obvious that it is a fake.

Are you working on any photographic project at the moment? 

No, I am not working on any particular project at the moment. What I do want to do lately is to start focusing more on portrait photography. 
So if you’re interested in collaborating with me, I’ll be waiting for you! 🙂

Is there any photographic project that you would like to do but have not done yet?

Yes, indeed. I would love to do a project about my hometown.

Which camera and which film do you use the most in your photography and why?

I like to alternate between different cameras as I love using different formats. The cameras I use most recently are the Olympus AF-10 Super, Zenza Bronica ETRS, Polaroid Land camera and One instant camera.

Who are your biggest influences?

I love the delicate and quite landscape artwork by Luigi Ghirri; the marginalised Italian communities of the 60’s represented by Lisetta Carmi short stories; the poetic and introspective self-portraits by Francesca Woodman; the irony and lightness of Jacques Henri Lartigue; Irving Penn‘s portraits and many other artworks by lots of artists

Music, poetry, illustration art, cinema and nature are my endless source of inspiration!

What’s the best advice you would give yourself when you started in the world of film photography?

One piece of advice I should follow too is: “Get to the bottom of things and don’t leave your ideas hanging.”


Find more about Antonia’s Work?

Website: www.antoniamessineo.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/antonyamm/


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