Analogue Advising Sessions

⌛ 1 hour  ?  English/Spanish  ?Zoom

? £40 per session

Smash all your doubts and truly start enjoying analogue photography 🙂

Shooting film is a very personal and intimate journey in which you can experiment in a thousand ways and learn how to observe your world with different eyes.

If you’re reading this, probably you’ve also felt that awesome sensation but somehow, you’re still immersed in a sea of doubts and questions like: 

  • Where should I start? What film camera/ scanner /accessories would be the best for me to use? How can I use them?
  • Which films are the ideal for certain situations or photo shootings?
  • What’s the cheapest or easiest way to scan my negatives?
  • What do I need to start developing my own films? 
  • How can I improve the technique and narrative of my photography?

We all know that startings can seem a little bit overwhelming, but that’s OK. My mission is to knock all those doubts out that are making you feel stuck so that you can finally focus on what really matters, your photography.

Shall we talk? 🙂