Natural Light Portraits with Soul

Next date: Coming soon 🙂
What am I going to experience?
An unforgettable journey that will knock you off your feet
Let’s awaken your creative soul and experience a wave of inspiration and passion. You will discover how to master natural light and use it according to your intentions and also embrace the meaning of communication between the model and yourself. We will together break down all those myths about how to be a good photographer and learn the key points that will allow you to develop your own creative process and reflect emotions and ideas through portrait photography.
What’s the plan?
Straight to the point theory + intense practise
The first part will be the most theoretical one. We will focus on the different uses of the most suitable and ideal films for portrait photography, and as a result, you will finally know which one to use in each situation. You will also learn how to master natural light and use it just as you envision it; starting by knowing how to identify the qualities of light, the different ways of measuring it and how to get the best out of it. During the second part, you will have your mind and heart shaken with the sole purpose of reaching into your creative soul. We will discover the key points of how to spark the light of your creative process, how important is the communication between you and your subject and how to create photographs based on ideas and concepts. But don’t you worry, there is no faffing about here; we will always go straight to the point, see what is really essential to you and everything will be accompanied by an intensive practical section.
What do I need to bring?
You don’t need to bring anything at all. Just yourself and your willingness to enjoy this experience. Because I'll prepare everything for you 🙂
- Rent of 35 mm SLR Camera - Unlimited colour films during the workshop - Models for practising portrait techniques - Developed films + prints sent to your house - Homemade Vegan Japanese lunch with Japanese drinks and snacks
Who’s this workshop for?
For those who already understand the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed that also want to go a step further in their knowledge of photography - For those who want to finally see reality in different ways. - For those who really want to feel photography - For those who have studied photography previously but still feel like amateurs - For those who want to know what really makes the difference between a photographer who takes photographs and another who takes photographs with soul.

Next Chiba Workshop Experience

Coming Soon 🙂

10 am – 4 pm

Live this unique experience and get transported directly to the heart of Japan. All this whilst you learn everything you need to know to start enjoying your film camera and build you own artistic view.

What’s included?

  • – 6 hours of theory and practice with guided assistance.
  • – Rent of 35mm SLR Camera
  • – Models to practise portrait techniques
  • – Backgrounds and different props to play with 
  • – Unlimited colour films during the workshop
  • – Developed films and prints delivered to your house with personal feedback
  • – Homemade Japanese Lunch
  • – Japanese drinks & snacks


Where we meet?

The Southville Centre
Beauley Road Southville, Bristol BS3 1QG