Given the situation that we are currently experiencing, I’ve made the difficult decision to suspend all face-to-face analogue experiences until further notice but instead I will focus all my energy and time on creating online analogue photography courses both in English and Spanish.
?Online Film Photography Course Launching on February 2021?

Film Photography Experiences

Here is where your analogue journey begins


Beginner Level

This is where it all starts: Nagoya, the third most important city in Japan.
This is the place where you will finally soak yourself up from head to toe of everything you need to know to start in this world of analogue photography. A place where not only finally you will understand how to use your film camera, but also where you will start introducing into your life new ways of experiencing photography.


Intermediate Level

Our next destination is a very special place: Chiba, the cradle of surfing in Japan.
You may ask, what does surfing have to do with analogue photography? Surfing and film photography share the same essence: from the observation, the connection with your tool (surfboard/camera), the excitement of being at the right time, the communication between yourself and the environment, the adrenaline felt by let yourself flow… Does this sound familiar? Let’s start together surfing to the center of your creative soul. 🙂