Start working on yourself and find your purpose within your photography.

You can start now in two ways 🙂

One-Off Consulting

Let’s boost your film photography with an intense session

Use these one-hour intensive consultations
if you want to:

– Have your portfolio reviewed.

– Solve your doubts about developing and scanning your films.

– Get advice on setting up your own darkroom.

– Know what is the right equipment for a shooting you are having.

– Understand your analogue camera: operation, features and how to get the most out of it.

– Clarify your doubts about basic concepts of analogue photography.

– Ask your questions about natural and studio lighting techniques.

Analogue Project Mentorship

Gain confidence in yourself and get your photography back on track

This mentorship is for you if:

– You have an idea for a photography project that you want to do but need someone to guide you through the process.

– You are going through a creative crisis, you feel stuck and want to get out of this negative loop to get your photography back on track.

– You want to be a full time photographer but you don’t know where to start: your website is upside down, you have difficulties creating content on social media and you don’t get as many clients as you would like.

Don’t take a word for it.
Hear what my clients say.

All I wanted was to step up my game and build on years of doodling to develop a longterm photography project – I didn’t expect to be this much fun.

Marina has not only supported me from the smallest steps but maintained a clear focus for the project, and coloured it in with motivational tasks along the way.

Together we have gone through film stock alternatives, home developing, scanning, lighting setups, photo reviews and alternative eco-friendly developing methods.

What a pleasure to have so much professional, technical and friendly coaching!

Brian Perktold