Film Photography Beginner level

Nagoya Experience

Next date: 22nd August | LONDON 11am – 4 pm


1️⃣ To ensure we can all enjoy a peaceful and safe experience, I’ve reduced the group into just 4 people (so we can more easily maintain the recommended distance between everyone) 2️⃣ All the attendees MUST bring a face mask ?3️⃣There will be hand sanitise available at all the time?⁠
What am I going to experience?
This is where your journey begins
This goes far beyond than a normal film photography workshop. You will live a memorable experience in which you will be transported directly to the heart of Japan without having to take any flight. You will feel as if you were there. First you will learn the essential things you need to know in order to start enjoying analogue photography. Then you will introduce little by little into your vision different resources and photographic languages of the hand of Japanese photographers that I admire and they nowadays still inspire me.
What’s the plan?
Straight to the point theory + intense practise
The experience will be almost the whole day (approximately 5h long) with a break for enjoying a delicious Japanese lunch. The first part will be the most theoretical one. You will see from the different types and formats of film, the operation of your camera to how to correctly expose your photographs in different lighting conditions. The second part I will be focused on the guidelines to be used in developing your observation of the environment and how you can take advantage of the resources of photographic language to emphasise what you want to transmit. All based on my experience and on Japanese photographers that inspire me. And watch out, here we will always go straight to the point. We’ll see only what is really essential and both parts will be accompanied by an intense practical section.
What do you need to bring?
You don’t have to bring anything at all. Just yourself and your willingness to enjoy this experience. Because I'll prepare everything for you 🙂
- Rent of 35 mm SLR Camera - Unlimited colour films during the workshop - Developed films + prints sent to your house - Japanese Bento Box Lunch (Meat/Prawn/Veg option) - Japanese drinks and snacks
Who’s this workshop for?
No previous experience needed, let's start from the beginning
- For those who want to experience the magic of analogue photography but still don't know where to start - For those who have very basic notions of photography and want to strengthen their knowledge - For those who want to know how to finally use that given analogue camera and get the best out of it - For those people who have started photography with their digital camera but are curious to know how to shoot with film. - For those people who want to start putting their soul in each shot and develop their observation skills. - For those people who really want to feel photography.

Next NAGOYA FILM Experience

22nd August 2020 | LONDON 11am 4 pm

Live this unique experience and get transported directly to the heart of Japan. All this whilst you learn everything you need to know to start enjoying your film camera and build you own artistic view.

What’s included?

  • – 5 hours of theory and practice with guided assistance.
  • – Rent of 35mm SLR Camera
  • – Unlimited colour films during the experience
  • – Developed films and prints delivered to your house with personal feedback
  • – Japanese Bento Box Lunch
  • – Japanese drinks & snacks


Where we meet?

The Travel Café
139 Westminster Bridge Rd, Bishop's, London SE1 7HR